Free diver finds engagement ring at bottom of Britain’s largest lake

A free diver received a wedding invite after finding an engagement ring that fell off a woman’s finger to the bottom of Britain’s largest lake.

Rebecca Chaukria’s ring slipped off her finger Monday as a photographer was taking pictures of her and her fiancĂ©, Viki Patel, on a jetty on Lake Windermere.

Patel told CNN the water was “absolutely freezing” and he couldn’t see through it.

The couple were next to the Langdale Chase hotel, which got in touch with free driver Angus Hosking, who rushed to the spot and dived in to recover the white gold and diamond ring, The Independent reported.

Hosking used an underwater metal detector to search for the ring and scooped it up within 20 minutes after a few false positives.

Patel described Hosking as a “brilliant guy” when he came back with the ring, and thanked him repeatedly.

“Now, she’s never taking it off,” Patel joked in the CNN report.

Patel added that he would invite Hosking to their wedding in August if COVID-19 restrictions allow.

Hosking, a volunteer of Lake District Diving in Windermere, has previously helped remove litter from lakes and returned items such as phones, rings and cameras to tourists.

Windermere is Britain’s largest lake at 10.5 miles long and up to 219 feet deep, according to Lake District’s website.